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ProHire Overview

Engineer Recruiter’s Innovative 7-Step ProHire System

The Process

As an Executive in the Automotive Engineering Industry you are familiar with a “Gated Product Development” process. ENGINEER RECRUITER has taken the Best Practices from engineering and created an innovative process: ProHire, as it relates to recruiting. In the following description, each phase we follow corresponds to a similar phase during product development.

Phase 1: Assess Client Needs (Voice of the Customer)

During the entire ProHire process, the #1 priority is the requirements from you – the customer. In our initial discussions your talent needs are recorded and serve as the foundation that each of the following phases are built upon. We will also discuss and agree on specific expectations from both parties. If, based on the discussion a decision is made not to proceed with the search, then we will offer specific suggestions about how you can fill your needs independent of us.

Phase 2: Business Proposal and Market Analysis (Product Concept)

A Business Proposal is generated and delivered to the client, including a description of the type of person you want to hire. The Proposal is delivered electronically, including an e-signature to simplify the legal process before moving forward. ENGINEER RECRUITER will also perform an initial survey of marketplace.

Phase 3: EVP, Company DNA Interviews, Score Card (Product Definition)

This is where the heavy lifting is done. The extra effort expended here is vital to the success of the whole process. The in-depth profiles (DNA) of the current Top-Performers are recorded and used during the subsequent search. The DNA is also used to develop a Score Card for rating potential candidates. We work with you to develop interview questions for candidates to respond.

Phase 4: High Level Search (Design & Development)

We at ENGINEER RECRUITER bring our expertise to bear here. Armed with the DNA profile and the score card, the search is initiated. Using our experience, appropriate social media technology and techniques, we contact and present the Marketing Campaign to a broad range of talent.

Phase 5: Submittals, Interviews, Reference Checks, Offer & Acceptance (Product Validation)

Identify, contact, and interview the best talent in the industry, with the goal of screening out the bottom 90%.

Phase 6: On-Boarding Process, First Day (Production Launch)

As soon as the candidate accepts the offer, the on-boarding process begins with an offer for transition assistance. The first day of work is planned and all issues resolved prior to arrival. The first 30 days are crucial to reassure the new employee that they made the best choice of their career.

Phase 7: Post-Hire Reviews (Production Audits)

The long-term success of the Top Performer is never complete. And to improve the odds, ENGINEER RECRUITER will call at 30 days and 90 days, and again at 1 year to the candidate and candidate’s boss to perform a phone review. We strive to discover if the initial expectations are being met from both parties and attempt to mitigate if there are concerns that need resolution.

Our Promise


You will have an Accountable contact dedicated to the fulfillment of your open positions.


You will Receive an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) for the role, department, and/or organization for use in any future search that offers candidates a timely and transparent view of your organization, minimizing turndowns by offering top performers a compelling opportunity they won’t get elsewhere.

You will receive Candidate summaries that clearly point to competencies, career accomplishments, and the candidate’s style and brand.
You will have a Confidential Candidate Brief (CCB) that goes deeper than a resume and enriches the candidate experience by having the candidate share their specific competency and DNA match to the opportunity and invests them in your EVP prior to their first interview.

You can have on-demand audio/visual interviews if you want to assess each candidate’s executive presence while also comparing them to other candidates on the short list.


You will have current and past employer references that assure a complete view of the candidate’s character and contributions.

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